From pattern to finished product, David Maison designs clothing that lets a woman shine 

It’s no secret that when a woman shops for an item of clothing, particularly for couture fashion, she wants to find something drop dead gorgeous. But if you ask David Maison, clothing designer and owner of David Maison Couture, an exclusive haute couture boutique on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, he’ll tell you that the quest for style does not end with locating a great dress. For as wonderful as an article might look on the hanger or mannequin, it’s truly about how the fabric drapes on the wearer’s frame, and how the fit flatters her individual figure. “I don’t believe in fash ion, I believe in style,” says the 34 year old virtuoso, who designs and handcrafts every last piece in his shop to stunning perfection. “We specialize in making ladies feel beautiful. They don’t want to hear ‘Oh My Gosh, that dress is fabulous,’ but rather, ‘Oh My Gosh, you look fabulous in that dress.’ There’s an important distinction between the two.” While his store has been in business four years, Maison was born to the trade. He comes from a long line of designers, beginning with his great-grandfather, a successful entrepreneur who specialized in menswear design and manufacturing in Cuba. His grandfather was a fine shoemaker, and his mother had a career for almost 20 years working under a famous wedding gown designer. But it was perhaps Maison’s grandmother that gave him the biggest push into the industry. A skilled accessory maker who created women’s handbags and men’s portfolios using exotic materials like ostrich and crocodile, she would make his clothes for him when he was a boy. “In Cuba, if you wanted to wear certain clothes, it wasn’t like here where you just run to Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s. You would go to a tailor or seamstress and have garments created for you,” explains Maison. His relatives might not have realized it at the time, but they were grooming him early on for what would be his lifelong passion. “My grandmother got tired of making me clothes, so she taught me to make the patterns myself,” he muses, adding, “In my family, once they see you’ve got what it takes, they put you to work early!” Though it was clearly in his genes, Maison soon discovered that style was instinctive for him. He not only knew what would look best on a person, but he knew just how to make it happen. To this day, he does all his own draping and patterns himself, with the assistance of a highly talented patternmaker and two expert seamstresses. “Visual arts are my niche,” he says. “You wouldn’t want me to do your accounting.” So maybe numbers aren’t his thing, but measurements certainly are. Maison has made a name for himself by conceiving and constructing exceptionally fine, made-to-measure, custom haute couture pieces. He has never strayed from his philosophy that better fit equals better style. Of course, people come to Worth Avenue from all over the world to look for the best in couture.So how does David Maison Couture measure up with the other big names on the block? “I don’t like to compare myself with any other designer, but my level of quality is on par with Chanel, Val- entino, and Armani,” says Maison. He points out that the service he provides is a little different from others. “I can make any style in any fabric,” says Maison, who works with only the most exclusive fabrics obtained at top factories from cities all over the world, in- cluding New York, Paris, and Milan. He doesn’t sell off the rack— he does original sketches and designs to precise measurements, which he keeps on record for a clientele that is inclined to make several visits yearly. For his devoted followers, David Maison Cou- ture is not a store, but a destination. And it’s not just precision he prides himself on—it’s speed. “A custom piece takes most designers about 6-8 weeks to com- plete. We can deliver in 2.” In fact, he’s been known to work through the night to accommodate a client who wanted to leave the States with his signature pieces. He had them ready the fol- lowing morning...because, as Maison will be the first to point out, customer service is paramount. As an added benefit, David Maison Couture makes house calls. We’ve all been there: you find an amazing skirt but just don’t know exactly what to wear with it. Maison specializes in such wardrobe predicaments. He’ll capably enhance, or if need be, transform, your existing collection. Best of all, you’ll never again encounter the unfortunate situa- tion of attending an event only to find someone else wearing the exact same thing. “I make everything from scratch,” says Maison. “I design the one-of-a-kind piece for the one-of-a-kind person.”

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